Taptitude has two types of game currency, coins and credits. Both are useful for purchasing various things throughout the game.



Coins are the common currency in Taptitude.

Coins can be earned many ways:

  • Playing games that feature coins.
  • Selling unused consumable upgrades.
  • Selling Craftitude craft items.
  • Purchasing the Star Power upgrade.
  • Purchasing the Bling upgrade in some games.
  • Daily Rewards
  • Facebook Tuesdays redeem codes
  • Sunday Redeem Riddles

Types of coins

  • Coin = 1xCoin
  • Lowstakes = 5xCoin
  • Upthestakes = 25xCoin
  • Diamond = 100xCoin

Best ways to earn many coins

  • Fish Feeder
    • Sparkles, Horsey, and Golden Guppies drop diamonds (100xCoin) fill an aquarium with them, and use beta/ninja fishes to collect the poops.
    • Selling Horseys and Golden Guppies after ~51 days will net 10,000,000xCoin each.
  • Craftitude
    • High value crafts can be sold (ie Golden Birth Pills and Cities)
    • Any crafts not used in other crafts or in other games should be sold.
  • Coin Miner
    • Purchase the following upgrades:
      • Angel's Pick Axe (Shovel, Devil's Axe and Diamond Axe also work)
      • Diamond Armor
      • Lucky Charm
      • Permanent Magnent
      • Permanent Detonator
    • ...And get digging, as the miner progresses downward, diamonds will become the norm.



Credits are a form of currency not earned in any of the mini-games, instead they are purchased with real world money in the store or awarded via redeem codes.

Windows Phone 7 users cannot purchase credits due to OS limitations.

One credit is worth roughly 10,000 coins.

Common Uses

  • The majority of upgrades can be purchased with credits instead of using coins.
  • The recipe book in Craftitude costs 50xCredit, which gives all recipes at once.
  • Credits can be used in Swap Craft to insert ingredients, more valuable ingredients will cost more credits.
  • The extra tank in Fish Feeder costs 50xCredit, allowing 100 more fish for 200 total


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