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How To Play

Dojomon ss


Train a crew of Dojomon to battle in the league of Dojos!
Earn EXP and Reputation by winning battles. Spend EXP to learn new abilities or oncrease stats.
Evolve your Dojomon and win the Uber Dojo championship!

Earn 100 XP,1 Reputation + 500 coins for a Newb Battle. For the other levels see below.

Critical hit does +50% damage, Fire versus Nature, Water versus Fire, Nature versus Water does +20% damage, while Fire versus Water, Water versus Nature, or Nature versus Fire suffer a similar penalty.


  • Apprentices can become a Soldier, Acolyte, Rogue, or Mage. Try to have a good mix in your squad.
  • When training an Apprentice, decide which class you want it to evolve into and choose training accordingly.
  • Got a useless bench warmer on your team? You can sell him and earn coins from the amout of total EXP the Dojomon had!
  • Steve's words of wisdom: Choose to fight in the hardest Dojo that you can easily win in to maximize EXP gains.
  • Tip from Nate: Dojomon have elemental affinity. Fire is weak against Water, Water is weak against Nature, Nature is weak against Fire.
  • Tyler Says: Use Energy Sap when an enemy is low on AP to force them to spend their turn recharging.
  • Brandon's Pro-Tip: Recruit additional Dojomon to use while your main crew is training.
  • It is a good idea to have a mix of Fire, Water, Nature elemental Dojomon in your squad.


Upgrade Description Cost
Auto Submit Auto Submit can be purchased for each game, and once enabled your scores in this game will automatically be submitted to local and online leaderboards. 250
VIP Pass VIP Pass can be purchased for each game and when it is enabled you get to skip the countdown before playing that game! 500
Star Power Star Power increases the coins earned per star when completing this game. Instead of getting 5 coins per star, you will get 250 coins per star. 15,000


  • 5 Stars = 5,000 points
  • 4 Stars = 2,000 points
  • 3 Stars = 1,000 points
  • 2 Stars = 500 points
  • 1 Star = 250 points


Play Time

How much time have you put into Dojomon?

  • Bronze Badge = 15 minutes
  • Silver Badge = 30 minutes
  • Gold Badge = 1 Hour

Games Played

Cost: 1,000. The number of times you have played Dojomon since purchasing this stat.
You must finish a game for it to count.

  • Bronze Badge = 10 games
  • Silver Badge = 50 games
  • Gold Badge = 150 games

Total Reputation

The highest total reputation your Dojo has reached

  • Bronze Badge = 100
  • Silver Badge = 300
  • Gold Badge = 600

Missions Completed

The number of Missions your Dojo has completed.

  • Bronze Badge = 5
  • Silver Badge = 20
  • Gold Badge = 100

Uber Dojo Victories

Cost: 5,000. The number of times you have defeated the Uber Dojo.

  • Bronze Badge = 1
  • Silver Badge = 10
  • Gold Badge = 50

Universal Dojo Victories

Cost: 10,000 coins or 1 Credit. The number of times you have defeated the Universal Dojo.

  • Bronze Badge = 1
  • Silver Badge = 10
  • Gold Badge = 50

Dojomon Types

Type Description Evolution Requirement Max
Type Skill XP Coin Health AP Strength Magic Speed Defense Evasion Accuracy
Apprentince Starting type N/A 30 6 2 2 2 2 2 2
Soldier Solders are sworn ro defend and fight for their dojo


Guard 2,000 20,000 90 15 5 2 3 5 2 3
Rogue Rogues are quick and sneaky, loyal only to their own dojo Apprentice Mark 2,000 20,000 60 15 5 2 5 2 5 4
Acolyte Acolytes are part of a devine order with mystical powers Apprentice Regenerate 2,000 20,000 75 15 2 5 4 3 4 3
Mage Mages specialize in the art of destructive magic Apprentice Blast 2,000 20,000 60 18 2 5 4 2 4 4
Ninja Ninjas are mysterious warriors that specialize in the art of Ninjitsu Soldier Double Jab 3,000 30,000 120 24 7 3 6 5 5 5
Rogue Poison jab
Paladin ?? Solder Defensive Formation 3,000 30,000 135 24 7 6 4 5 4 4
Acolyte Healing Rain
Shadowmancer Shadowmancers are masters of illusion and have destructive powers Mage Meteor Shower 3,000 30,000 105 21 6 7 5 4 5 5
Rogue Caltrops
Warlock Warlocks control the flow of energy and life itself Mage Burning Shower 3,000 30,000 120 27 4 7 5 4 5 5
Acolyte Energy Rain


Starting type.

Starts with 15 Health, 3 AP, and Magic, Strength, Speed, Defense, Evasion, Accuracy all 1.

All Apprentice stats can be upgraded by one level - doubled, so Health 30 after 1 upgrade. AP to 6, and the other stats to 2. Each upgrade costs 250XP per level, so 250XP from level 1 to level 2, 500XP from level 2 to level 3, 750 XP from level 3 to level 4, etc.

Upgrades to higher classes cost 2000XP, plus the XP to gain the required skills for each class.

All upgraded classes gain +15 Health and +3 AP.


Requires Guard skill. Max stats:

Health: 90, AP 15, Strength 5, Magic 2, Speed 3, Defense 5, Evasion 2, Accuracy 3

The Soldier is a 'tank' type, with high maximum defense and health, he can take a lot of punishment. Not as good at offense as Rogue or Mage.

With advanced skills carrying a high XP cost, it's better to max out his stats (with the exception of Magic, which is largely useless) before considering any skills. As it's expensive to raise Defense to 5, upgrade that last.


Requires Mark skill.


Health 60, AP 15, Strength 5, Magic 2, Speed 5, Defense 2, Evasion 5, Accuracy 4

The Rogue is an offensive type, not as sturdy as the Soldier, but with more direct offensive abilities. His special abilities are somewhat unexciting, max out strength as a priority. Mage does the same job better.


Requires Regenerate skill.

Max stats:

Health: 75, AP 15, Strength 2, Magic 5, Speed 4, Defense 3, Evasion 4, Accuracy 3

The Acolyte is a Healer. The basic Heal spell is a good one and worth the upgrade. When not healing he'll want to max out Magic and attack using Blast.


Requires Blast skill.


Health 60, AP 18, Strength 2, Magic 5, Speed 4, Defense 2, Evasion 4, Accuracy 4

Pure attack, very powerful special abilities. Upgrade Magic as a priority. Balance with an Acolyte for healing and a Soldier to soak up some of the attacks.


Requires Double Jab (Soldier) OR Poison Jab (Rogue), 30,000 coins and 3,000 xp


Health 120, AP 24, Strength 7, Magic 3, Speed 6, Defense 5, Evasion 5, Accuracy 5


Requires Defensive Formation (Soldier) OR Healing Rain (Acolyte), 30,000 coins and 3,000 xp


Health 135, AP 24, Strength 7, Magic 6, Speed 4, Defense 5, Evasion 4, Accuracy 4


Requires Meteor Shower (Mage) OR Caltrops (Rogue), 30,000 coins and 3,000 xp


Health 105, AP 21, Strength 6, Magic 7, Speed 5, Defense 4, Evasion 5, Accuracy 5


Requires Burning Shower (Mage) OR Energy Rain (Acolyte), 30,000 coins and 3,000 xp


Health 120, AP 27, Strength 4, Magic 7, Speed 5, Defense 4, Evasion 5, Accuracy 5

Dojomon Abilities

Basic move Description AP Requires XP
Recharge Regain 3* Magic in AP


Punch Does 5*Strength damage 1AP 0
Kick Does 7.5* Strength damage 2AP n/a 226
Guard Increase both Defense & Evasion by 1 for 2 turns 1AP Kick 722
Mark Reduces target Defense and Evasion by 1 for 2 turns 1AP Kick 722
Energy Sap Steal 2AP from opponent 1AP n/a 226
Regenerate Gain 5*Magic in Health 1AP Energy Sap 722
Blast Does 8* Magic damage 2AP Energy Sap 722

Acolyte Abilities

Divine Power Description AP Requires XP
Heal Heals 1 Ally by 10 * Magic 3AP 0
Heal Aura Heals1 Ally by 5*Magic per turn for 2 turns 4AP - 3104
Healing Rain Heals all Allies by 7.5*Magic 5AP Heal Aura 5217
Energy Aura Restores 3AP per turn for 2 turns for 1 Ally 5AP - 3104
Energy Rain Restores Magic AP to All Allies 5AP Energy Aura 5217

Soldier Abilities

Tactical Combat Description AP Requires XP
War Cry Boost all Allies Strength + Accuracy by 1 for 2 turn 2AP 0
Counter Counters 1 attack on an ally back to the attacker 1AP - 3104
Defensive Formation Increase all allies defense + evasion for 2 turns 2AP Counter 5217
Dropkick Does 10*Strength attrack, reduced accuracy, higher critical 3AP - 3104
Double Jab Does 2* 4*Strength attacks 3AP Dropkick 5217

Mage Abilities

Sorcery Description AP Requires XP
Chant Boost all Allies Magic by +2 for 2 turns 3AP 0
Explosion Does 11*Magic damage to 1 target 4AP - 3104
Meteor Shower Does 8*Magic damage to all enemies 5AP Explosion 5217
Mana Burn Does 8*Magic damage per turn for 2 turns to 1 target 5AP - 3104
Burning Shower Does 5*Magic damage per turn for 2 turns to all enemies 6AP Mana Burn 5217

Rogue Abilities

Stealth Techniques Description AP Requires XP
Sneak Attack Does 10Xstrength damage to 1 target with better critical but reduced chance of hitting 3AP 0
Mug Does 5*strength damage to 1 target, plus reduces speed by 2 and defense by 1 for 2 turns 3AP - 3104
Blind Does 6*strength damage to 1 target, decreases accuracy + evasion by 3 each, for 2 turns 3AP Mug 5217
Poison Jab Does 4*strength damage per turn for 2 turns to 1 target 4AP - 3104
Caltrops Does 4*strength damage to all enemies, plus reduces their speed by 3 for 2 turns 5AP Poison jab 5217

Ninja Abilities

Ninjitsu Description AP Requires XP
Shuriken Barrage Does 2* 4*Strength attacks 4AP 0
Triple Punch Does 3* 5*Strength attacks 5AP - 8,100
Haste Increases an ally's speed by 3 3AP - 8,100
Counter All Counters 1 attack on all allies back to the attacker 4AP Triple Punch 11,852
Heightened Senses Increase all allies evasion, accuracy + speed for 2 turns 4AP Haste 11,852

Paladin Abilities

Holy Might Description AP Requires XP
Smite Does 14*Strength damage to an enemy 4AP 0
Holy Armor Increases Defense by 2 and Health by 2*Magic for 2 turns 5AP Smite 11,852
Holy Sword Increases Strength Magy by 2 for 2 turns 5AP Smite 11,852
Radiant Charge Does 10*Strength damage and decreases Speed by 1 for 2 turns (all enemies) 6AP Holy Sword 16,578
Radiant Rain Increases health by 8*Magic and defense by 1 for 2 turns (all allies) 6AP Holy Armor 16,578

Shadowmancer Abilities

Illusion Description AP Requires XP
Confuse Does 5*Strength damage to all enemies and decreases accuracy and evasion for 2 turns 4AP 0
Cluster Bomb Does 2*5*Magic damage to enemy party 5AP Confuse 11,852
Poison Cloud Does 5*Magic damage per turn to enemy party for 3 turns 6AP Confuse 11,852
Venom Jab Does 10*Strength damage per turn to 1 target for 3 turns 6AP Poison Cloud 16,578
Shadow Bomb Does 14*Magic damage and decreases accuracy by 2 for 2 turns 6AP Cluster Bomb 16,578

Warlock Abilities

Curse Description AP Requires XP
Hex Reduces Strength and Magic of enemy party for 2 turns 4AP 0
Energy Drain Drains 2*Magic AP from an enemy and gives to the caster 5AP Hex 11,852
Life Drain Drains 7*Magic Health from an enemy and gives to the caster 5AP Hex 11,852
Energy Torrent Drains 1xMagic AP from all enemies and gives to the caster 6AP Energy Drain 16,578
Life Torrent Drains 5*Magic Health from all enemies and gives it to the caster 6AP Life Drain 16,578

Dojomon Stats


Health is reduced when taking damage, and increased when being healed. When a Dojomon's health reaches 0 it will die and cannot be used until the end of the battle.


AP, or Action Points, are used to perform certain abilities.


Strength increases the power of certain abilities


Magic increases the power of certain abilities


Speed determines the order of taking turns when battling.


Defense reduces damage taken from attacks and abilities


Evasion reduces the change of being hit.


Accuracy increases the chance of hitting a target with abilities


Type Required Reputation Experience earned Reputation earned Coins earned
Newb Dojo 0 100 1 500
Beginner Dojo 5 150 2 750
Experienced Dojo 15 200 3 1,500
Regional Dojo 35 250 4 2,500
National Dojo 65 300 5 3,500
World Dojo 100 400 6 4,500
Elite Dojo 150 500 7 5,500
Epic Dojo 250 600 8 6,500
Uber Dojo 375 700 9 8,000
Solar Dojo 475 800 10 9,000
Galactic Dojo 600 900 11 10,000
Universal Dojo 750 1,000 12 11,000


There are always two missions available, which expire every other day (at the same time as the Daily Reward.) When a mission expires it is replaced with another mission. Each mission requires a Dojomon of a specific element type or element/class combination; the type required stays constant for the 48 hours the mission is available, but may change the next time the mission reappears in the rotation.

Mission Description Requirements Rewards
Rat Trapper The Dojo is becoming infested with vermin, eliminate them.
  • 5 Reputation
Cat Trapper Cats have overrun the Dojo looking for rats, capture them all.
  • 90 Reputation
  • 450 CP
Beast Slayer Slay the Minotaur that has been eating the local dogs.
  • 400 Reputation
  • x1 Human
  • 1,300 CP
Guard Duty Earn some extra coins by loaning a Dojomon for nightly patrol.
  • 3 Reputation
  • 250 CP
  • $2,500
  • 62 XP
VIP Escort Escort a very important person to a very important place.
  • 50 Reputation
  • 400 CP
  • $4,000
  • x1 Dog
  • 100 XP
Search and Rescue Find a missing local boy and bring him home safely.
  • 150 Reputation
  • x1 Dog
  • 1,000 CP
Cleanup Crew Earn some extra coins by cleaning in the local town.
  • 5 Reputation
  • 300 CP
  • $3,500
  • 75 XP
Secret Admirer Someone has been leaving love letters at the Dojo, search for hints of their source.
  • 70 Reputation
  • 500 CP
Maiden in Distress Rescue a local woman from a dragon lair down the street
  • 250 Reputation
  • x2 Tulip
  • 1,250 CP

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