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Below are the best known possible solutions to Hexplosion puzzles.

Puzzles are sometimes inverted/mirrored, watch out for that.

Tap Counts

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9+
Red Green Blue Cyan Magenta Orange Pink Dark Pink Yellow

Starter Puzzles

These three always come first

  • G1, G2, G2
  • C1, B2, R2
  • R4, R8, R9

One Tap Puzzles

  • R9

Two Tap Puzzles

  • R1, R3
  • G1, G1
  • R3,G4

Three Tap Puzzles

  • R5, G1, G1
  • R2, R8, G2
  • R5, G6, G6
  • R1, R5, B1
  • G5, R8, G1
  • R1, G1, B1

Four Tap Puzzles

  • R12,R5,R7,R11
  • G1, R2, B1, C1

Unknown Best  Solutions

  • ???
  • ?/?
  • ???

  • ???

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