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  • DigiTecno

    It is pretty clear the Taptitude community is in hefty support of 4Bros Studios continuing to evolve their Windows Phone game. At the time of this post only 1 person had voted for either of iPhone or Android and 9 people had voted for the Windows Phone.

    While I can't speak for 4Bros I think they know where their major fan base it as. If they do move to other platforms in the future it'll have to be in addition to supporting their huge Windows Phone following.

    You can continue to vote even after the official close, but I don't think the numbers will change. Maybe we'll try another round in a few months to see if minds have changed!

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  • DigiTecno

    It was only a few days ago when the crafting system was released. Now looking back at the pages nearly all of the recipes are up and all of the data present. Hard to believe that in just a few short days the community accomplished such a massive feat. It is also fun to look at the immense amount of traffic on Twitter with everyone posting their newest recipes there.

    FourBros is going to have a time staying ahead of such a dedicate fan base.

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