Hey look, it's my first blog post!

So Taptitude has a new update, the changelog is pretty simple:

A fairly entertaining game that is different enough from Coin Miner to hold your attention.  Much like Coin Miner, purchasing all the upgrades makes getting 5 stars and most of the game stats pretty trivial.  In fact it's a little less tedious as far as stats go, (deepest dig anyone?)

Not mentioned in the changelog are 3 new craftitude items, Craftitude ingredient oxygentankOxygen Tank, Craftitude ingredient jetpackfuelJetpack Fuel Tank, and Craftitude ingredient disintigratorbatteryDisintigrator Battery. Found in the mining category and used as consumables in Moon Miner, these have a pretty high CP cost due to the use of a Craftitude ingredient toolTool, they can be found in Moon Miner though.

Also rather than retire 2 games, the FourBros decided to add another tier to a total of 11 tiers, as a result they brought 3 games out of retirement: Ultra Tapper, Mathemagician, and Copy Cat. Mathemagician and Copy Cat are ok, but Ultra Tapper seems like an odd choice due to it's simplicity.  I know that it wasn't that long ago that Hyper Hoops was retired, but I feel that would have been a better choice to bring back.

Anyway, that pretty much sums up 11.6, if anybody is reading this, feel free to add your comments below.

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